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Breaking the ice is a two player role playing game. Quick and easy, the game can be played in one sitting with no prior preparation required. Players help one another tell the tale of romance arising between two characters, and the set-backs and wacky twists the lovers' tale may take.

Play out the ups and downs of a couple's first three dates. From first bumbling attempts to get to know one another, to the stirrings of trust and desire. Watch the attraction flare, and see if the flame will light a fire that will last for a lifetime--or just burn brightly and flicker out.

Falling in love was never so much fun!

The game costs $14 plus $3 domestic shipping. International shipping may vary.

What People are Saying:

"Breaking the Ice is a rare thing: a delight as a story, and a truly interesting game. It blows away any traditional RPG I've ever seen."
Clinton R. Nixon, creator of The Shadow of Yesterday

"In Breaking the Ice, there's no pusher, and no push. The game is all pull, everything is contribution, collaboration and agreement."
Moyra Turkington

"The great beauty of the game is, if I can say it poetically, that it is an ode to our vulnerability.

This time no knights with big swords or sorcerers summoning demons to solve their problems: but people without special gifts faced with a task they could not possibly accomplish with power and force; who must expose themselves, who must dare to be vulnerable, to make mistakes, and yet, who try, in spite of or rather because of their human weaknesses, their shame and their fear, to together find a solution and a deliverance.

Beautiful. And very refreshing...

In most systems, the traits on the sheet _exhaust_ the character concept, but the network of concepts in BtI points to something deeper and not-yet-known. So simple, and yet so brilliant."
Victor Gijsbers

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