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Sign in Stranger

Encounter the unknown. Sign in Stranger is a collaborative role-playing game of human first contact with aliens, and colonization of space.

Take the role of humans leaving Earth behind to create a colony on a planet inhabitated by sentient alien species. Choosing to leave an Earth isolated by quarantine, the humans must find ways to understand the incomprehensible beings they meet, and find a place for themselves in the new world around them.

Working together, players create a truly alien environment using mechanics inspired by mad-libs: random words are chosen as creative spring-boards for describing the beings and world around the humans. Play human colonists and aliens they encounter, as well as contacts on Earth, and people from the colonist's past in flash-backs to their time on Earth.


Sign in Stranger: Making Contact - For single session and short term play (3 to 6 session). Focusing on the quick, fun aspects of experiencing crazy new worlds. (preview edition 2009, full release 2010)

Sign in Stranger: Distant Worlds - An edition of the game intended for long-term play (over months or years), play of the game involves exploration and elaboration of many aspects of the alien world, as well as flashbacks to the colonists' lives on Earth.(to be announced)


World and Character Sheets for the Game
Errata for first print run of Sign in Stranger: Making Contact, August 2009

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