Presentations and Workshops 

Freeform Meta-Techniques: The Power of Story in Play, with Whitney Beltrán. (Transformational Experiences Summit, Carnegie Mellon University, 2015) 

Pushing Boundaries: Diversity in Science Fiction Role Playing Games, with Dev Purkayashtha, Meguey Baker, Joshua A.C. Newman and Epidiah Ravachol. (Pax East 2015) 

Design RPGs for Fun and Profit, with Meguey Baker, Joshua A.C. Newman and Epidiah Ravachol. (Pax East 2015) Recorded talk.

Good Game, Bad Game: a Panel About Game Design; with Mac Cameron, Jessie Smith, Meghan McGinley and Sam Liberty. (Pax East 2015) Recorded talk.

Sex & Love (vs Violence) in Games, with Lizzie Stark. (description and tweetsAlterConf Boston 2014)

Playing in the Sandbox: Freeform Techniques for Larp, with Evan Torner, Kat Jones and Epidiah Ravachol. (Sigma Play 2014)

Transforming the Narrative: Freeform Meta-Techniques, with Evan Torner, Kat Jones and Epidiah Ravchol. (Living Games Conference 2014Sigma Play 2014) Sigma Play Workshop handout.

Art of the Table: GMing Beyond the Basics, with Ben Mandell, Adam Koebel, Mike Mearls, Randy Scheunemann, Matt McElroy and Shane LeRose. (PaxEast 2014 - substitute panelist) 

An Inside Look at Indie RPGs, with Meguey Baker, Vincent Baker, Joshua A.C. Newman and Epidiah Ravachol. Moderated by Raymond Bull. (PaxEast 2013, 2014)

Using Analog Games for Education, facilitated by Emily Care Boss and Epidiah Ravachol. (ThatCamp Games, April 2013)

Role Playing Games and Genre Analysis, by Emily Care Boss. (Pioneer Valley Game Studies Colloquium, November 2012)

Game Design Workshop, by Emily Care Boss and Epidiah Ravachol. A six week series of game design sessions, with peer review and playtesting. (Hosted by Owl & Raven, Northampton, MA. July-September 2012)

Written Interviews

Diversifying Tabletop: Finding Diverse Designers Among the D20s, with Tany D. of Why I Need Diverse Games, by Sarah Richardson on Women Write About Comics, 23 September 2015.

Speaking with Emily Care Boss of Black & Green Games, by James Olchowski of The Valley Nerd Watch, 13 September 2015.

How Emily Care Boss Makes Games, by andhedrew on And He Games, 22 May 2015.

Interview with Emily Care Boss, by Sarah Richardson. ConTessa Blog. 6 March 2015.

5 Things I learned working on Breaking the Ice, interview for Jérôme Larre, on Tartofrez. 28 November 2014.

Emily Care Boss talks about Jeep Form, by Judd Karlman. The Githyanki Diaspora. 25 March 2013.

Immersive Gameplay -- Interview with Emily Care Boss, by Evan Torner. The Guy in the Black Hat. 11 July 2012.


James Introcaso’s Tabletop Voices: Emily Care Boss. Encounter Role Play. 14 December 2018.

An Introduction to Ars Amandi -- Emily Care Boss, Lizzie Stark, Sarah Lynne Bowman. 27 February 2014. (inspired by the method and work of Emma Wieslander and the Ars amandi collective , CC 2003 -- see also their Ars amandi Workshop)

Ready, Set, Make a Game #gamenight, with Andy Kitkowski, Ben Lehman, Mike Holmes and Emily Care Boss, moderated by Rich Rogers. Indie+. 9 February 2014.

Contessa: Game Design with Meguey Baker, Emily Care Boss and Brie Sheldon. 7 February 2014.

Feel Good Gaming, with Marissa Kelly, Matthew Sanchez and Emily Care Boss, moderated by Rich Rogers. Indie+. 23 November 2013.

A Chat with Emily Care Boss. David Hawkins, 12 November 2013.

Sex and Dice, with Meguey Baker, Avery Mcdaldno, Zak Smith and Emily Care Boss, moderated by Rich Rogers. Indie+. July 2013.

Nordic Larp 101 with Emily Care Boss, Lizzie Stark and Julianne Mikkelsen. Pete Figtree, Ruthless Diastema archives. 15 May 2013. 

Wood for Sheep: The What and the Why of Board Game Culture, with Mack Cameron, Sam Liberty, Kevin Spak and Emily Care Boss. PaxEast. 22 March 2013.

Escaping the Legacy, with Quinn Murphy, Meguey Baker and Emily Care Boss, moderated by Rich Rogers. Indie+. 16 February 2013. 


Interview with Emily Care Boss, with Jason Cordova, Daniel Lewis and Rich Rogers. The Gauntlet Podcast. 23 October 2015.

Narrative ControlGaming Close to Home, with Lizzie Stark, Emily Care Boss and Jason Morningstar. Hosted by Sean Nittner. 30 April 2014.

Tell Me Another. Episode 2: Emily Care Boss. Josh T. Jordan and P.K. Sullivan. January 2014. 

Table to Page: Making Stories Out of Games, with Robin D. Laws, Gareth Michael Skarka, Emily Care Boss and Corey Reid, moderated by Kirin Robinson. GenCon. 17 August 2013. 

Penny Red. Episode 44: Loincloth One. Daniel Hodges. 16 December 2012.

This Just in from GenCon. An Interview with Emily Care Boss. August 2012.

The Voice of the Revolution, Episode 6. December 2011.

Geek Girls Rule! Episode 14 - I'm Back! (interview from August 2010) hosted by 

The Independent Insurgency. Episode 30: Emily Care Boss on Sign in Stranger.  Design Episode.  Interviewed by Robert Bohl. August 2009.

The Independent Insurgency. Episode 29: Emily Care Boss on Pirate Jenny & RPGirl. Talk to Me Now.  Interviewed by Robert Bohl. July 2009.

Master Plan. Episode 24: Emily Care Boss on Romantic RPGs. Ryan Macklin. February 2008.

Sons of Kryos. Episode 49: This episode we talk about Roles in the Group, Narration Limits and Creation Stories with Emily Care Boss. Aired October 2007.