Black & Green Games is the independent game publishing imprint of Emily Care Boss. It is an imprint of Shield and Crescent Press. Founded in 2005 with the release of Breaking the Ice, Black & Green Games brings you role playing games centered on exploring emotions and the human experience. 

Emily Care Boss (M.S.For.) is an independent role-playing game designer/publisher and conservationist living in western Massachusetts, USA. Emily’s designs include Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon, and Under my Skin which won the player’s choice Otto award at Fastaval in 2009. These games were published in a single volume compendium with additional hacks and mods, as the Romance Trilogy in 2016 and earned a nomination for the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming in 2017. An early participant at the Forge forums and a proponent of independent publishing, Emily founded JiffyCon in 2006, a regional role playing game convention showcasing independent and small press games. 

Editor of RPG = Role Playing Girl, a zine by and about women in rpg gaming, she was an occasional contributor to the diversity in gaming blogs: Imaginary Funerals and the ENnie Award winning Gaming as Women. Essays of hers may be found in Push: New Thinking about Role Playing, Playground Worlds, Immersive Gameplay: Studies in Role-Playing and Media Immersion, and the WyrdCon Companion Book.

Emily's fiction has been included in the The New Hero, Volume 2 anthology, The Lion and the Aardvark and the upcoming A 21st Century Bestiary by Stone Skin Press. She has done freelance work for Robin Law's Drama System in the Diana Jones and Indie RPG Game of the Year award winning role playing game Hillfolk, as well as the Hillfolk companion volume, Blood on the Snow. both published by Pelgrane Press; Josh T. Jordan's Heroine supplement published by Ginger GoatGirls Elsewhere; and the Gumshoe teen detective game, and the ENnie award winning Bubblegumshoe, published by Evil Hat Productions.  

Emily’s games are found here at Black & Green Games.


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