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  • Shooting the Moon

  • Under my Skin

  • Dread House

  • Misericord(e)

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Free Games 

Life, An AU, for Solstice, 2018. Booklet format. (free)

Budget, finalist in David Schirduan's 200 Word RPG Challenge, 2015. (free)

Play With Intent with Matthijs Holter and Alex Fredera. A flexible framework for freeform play, 2013. Open source. (free)

Caravan Asynchronous multi-player, solitaire online rpg. Created during the RPG Solitaire Challenge in 2011. Contact me for access, if you'd like to play in Caravan Live Play - 1(free)

Giving and Taking, a Jeepform-inspired exercise exploring conflict and compassion. Created for Ben Lehman's game design contest in 2010 asking for games about love. (free)

The Color Game, two players tell a story using colors and themes, 2009. (free)

MonkeyDome with Jason Keeley, Jim Sullivan, Epidiah Ravachol and John Stavropoulos. Post-apocalyptic adventures in a grim and zany world. Game in a Jiffy 2009.  (free)

Fluffy Bunny with Ben Lehman. Be a bunny. What color is your fur? See, we're already playing. 2007. Polish translation. A gedankenspiel. (free)

Games in Development

Caerllion, an iron age Celtic fantasy tabletop freeform rpg. Roundtable/GMless campaign play and world building. Heavily inspired by freeform Ars Magica play in the 1990s

Stillwater, a romantic ghost-story tabletop rpg, with mysteries that cross time, and rules that let players make "fanfic" on the fly to bring together the main characters.

So Fine a Brush, a freeform larp with scenes from four of Jane Austen’s novels (Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park) interspersed with scenes from her life. For 5 to 17 players.

The Dare, in collaboration with Kenneth Hite. An American freeform larp about the lives and fiction of Mary Shelley (nee Wollstonecraft Godwin), Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lord Byron and their contemporaries during the "Haunted Summer" of 1816. 

Darkness Visible, a freeform larp exploration of John Milton's life and his epic poem masterwork, Paradise Lost.

King Wen's Tower, play the conflagration of force and philosophy at the formation of China as a nation. For Fastaval 2014.

Compass, a collaborative world building game, inspired by Microscope, The Quiet Year and The Companions' Tale (a game in development).

Heart of the Rose, magic hides its face and brings a threat that the Rose, Thorn, Hidden and Shorn seek to overcome. Original Game Chef 2007 version

City of the Moon, women of classical Japan pursue the arts, love and status. Iron Game Chef entry, 2005.

Sign in Stranger, first human colony on a truly alien world--never to return to Earth. Original idea, Iron Game Chef, 2003.

The City of Fire and Coin Sandbox Parlor Larp with Evan Torner, Kat Jones and Epidiah Ravachol, originally run at Intercon M.

Diamonds and Coal, a larp adaptation of Chad Underkoffler's rpg Dead Inside, with Julia Bond Ellingboe, run at Intercon L, 2011.

What to Do About Tam Lin? with Julia Ellingboe, run at Intercon K and Fastaval 2010.


"Colony Wars", setting for DramaSystem, in Hillfolk: A Game of Iron Age Drama by Robin Laws, Pelgrane Press, 2012. 

DramaSystem Larp and Semi-live Rules, in Blood on the Snow: A DramaSystem Companion, by Robin Laws, Pelgrane Press, 2012.

"The Space Scout of Mezarim", Heroine RPG setting, in Girls Elsewhere by Josh T. Jordan, Ginger Goat, 2012.

Cthulhu Britannica: London (Call of Cthulhu Boxed Set), Kickstarter stretch goal postcard. By Cubicle 7, 2014.

"Silent Companions", for Playing Nature's Year, by Night Sky Games, 2015.

Never 2 Return, with Jonathan Walton, supplement to Dangers Untold, Heroine Larp by Shoshana Kessock. Publication forthcoming.

Bubblegumshoe, with Kenneth Hite and Lisa Steele, published by Evil Hat Productions, 2016.

"Hieroglyph of the Whale," in Headspace Settings by Mark Richardson, Green Hat Designs, 2016. Publication forthcoming.

Encyclopedia Dragonica entry and additional work, for Epyllion: A Dragon Epic by Marissa Kelly and Magpie Games. Publication forthcoming.

"The Leaf" and "The Bones" for The Name of God by Allessandro Pirroddi, UnPlayable Games. 

"Riders of the Storm," setting for Mythic Mortals in Mythic Mortals: Multiplied by David Schirduan, Technical Grimoire Games. February 2011.

Entries in The Book of Changing Years, supplement to Timewatch by Kevin Kulp, Pelgrane Press, 2016.

"Rossuměsto Quickstart," in Noirlandia Quickstarts by Hannah Shaffer, Evan Rowland and Brian Van Slyke of Make Big Things, 2016.