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Games by Emily Care Boss with innovative, rules-light design. Centered on the human spirit. 

Fall in love again, for the first time. Be the first human to take a breath on a distant, alien planet. Face down the mob, the law, discrimination and your own fears in the last speakeasy in town.

Find the Romance TrilogyBreaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon and Under my Skin. Available now in a single volume. Read about them, purchase PDF or order a soft-cover + PDF bundle now

Find live play and meta-techniques in American Freeforms: Remodel, Play With Intent, Last Chance Noir.

Find collaborative, new-fangled tabletop role play: Misericord(e), Dread House, MonkeyDome.

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Games, articles, talks, fiction, interviews and collaborations.

Reflections on independent publishing, refining ideas about how games function, and addressing social issues.

Free games, freelance work and games in development. Fanciful and adventurous short stories and fiction

Popular and peer-reviewed articles on larp, tabletop role play, and narrative theory. Discussion and curated works of others.

Podcast interviews and video panels about romance and sex in games, game design and the games of Black & Green.

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The Last Chance Noir blog. Covering the cross-over between games, fiction and literary theory. 

Noir fiction casts a sober eye at the dead end of human modernity, with defiance and pessimism.

Narrative analysis, game design, reviews of fiction, games and films. 

A growing collection of curated essays, reference, journals and articles on game design, writing and publishing. 

A look back at various trends in 20 years of RPG Theory