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Updated July 24, 2016.

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This summer, I am releasing a revised version of Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon and Under my Skin in a single volume as the...

Romance Trilogy: three quick games about the human heart

After a decade of publishing and running these games, they'll be together in one perfect bound volume, available in soft-cover and limited edition hard-cover binding. The volume will include hacks and mods of the three games, as well as brand new games inspired by them. 

Over 100 people supported this Patreon, which ran from September 2015 through May 2016, to help make the Romance Trilogy happen. Each month a featured hack or mod was posted on Medium, with additional games and material available to Patreon supporters. Funds raised has for editing, layout and art.

Romance Trilogy Hacks & Mods on Medium

Hacks & Mods:

For Breaking the Ice (three first dates, two player game, tabletop)

  • Long Ago and Far Away - playing Breaking the Ice in a fantastic setting (from original text)
  • Let's be Friends - children learning to be friends (inspired by James Brown) 
  • Freezing the Pond - watching a would be relationship go terribly, terribly wrong (inspired by Autumn Winters) 
  • Slashing the Veil - shipping your favorite characters in the manner of fanfiction (inspired by Alexander Newman and Phredd Groves) 
  • Labyrinth of Love - find love in the world's first life-size theme park dungeon, use your favorite dungeon level map 
  • Chat/Text version of Breaking the Ice - rules and tools for online, remote play 
  • With the Woods - escape to nature, a scenario for Breaking the Ice modeled on My Side of the Mountain 
  • Breaking the Ice tabletop freeform - a diceless version of BtI (by popular demand) 
  • Sun and Moon -  creation myth game inspired by Breaking the Ice (diceless tabletop freeform) 
  • First Blood - werewolves in love, can love conquer all? or is the call of the wild, bloody moon too strong? 

For Shooting the Moon (competitive love triangle, two to three players, tabletop)

  • Versus Nature - struggle to reach furthest reaches of the natural world first, and live
  • The Prize - advice and guidelines for playing a non-romance themed game, who will be chosen as the wizard's apprentice? etc. 
  • Four+ Players - rules mods to add players to the game
  • Alone Against the World - solo play scenarios facing  dire challenges against nature 
  • Semi-live - live freeform version of the classic Shooting the Moon 
  • Love is a Battlefield - mini-minatures hack of StM, love and desire on the fields of gore and glory 
  • Story Games Seattle Custom Blend - a set of rule-mods and options inspired by a Pacific Northwest US community of play 
  • Barking at the Moon - supernatural hijinks when werewolf battles vampire battles true love's song 

For Under my Skin (friends falling in love with each other's partners, four to eight players, live action)

  • 'Ere Camlann - an Arthurian setting of these loves and their loss 
  • On the Road - you're in the band, but are you married to the music? 
  • Night & Day - the sequel to Under my Skin, how does life shake down in the wake of temptation and transformation? 
  • Anything Goes - Under my Skin in a utopian intentional community
  • A Heart Knows - crafting a new world where we abandon our known boundaries (inspired by Mellan himmel och hav) - still in process
  • De-Rolling Under my Skin - formal debrief rules 
  • Tabletop Under my Skin - free-standing rules set for playing Under my Skin pen & paper-style 
  • In the Arms of the Pack - in the werewolf's world what is love? what is fidelity? canine and human worlds collide 
  • Taking the Plunge - light-hearted wedding day version  of Under my Skin

Production Schedule:

May 2015: Revised rules of Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon and Under my Skin COMPLETE
June 2016: Mods and hacks completed 30 out of 31 Done
February - April 2016: Editing rules of Romance Trilogy main games COMPLETE
June 2016: Full color cover COMPLETE

May-July 2016: Layout of the Romance Trilogy and proofing COMPLETE
July - August 2016: Pre-orders for print copies
July 2016: PDFs released
July-August 2016: Printing and release of soft cover and limited edition hard cover books

August 2016: Romance Trilogy at GenCon, IGDN Booth #2311!!

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