Dread House PDF


Dread House PDF


From the twisted minds of Emily Care Boss and Epidiah Ravachol comes a game to chill and delight the whole family!

Dread House is a horror game for spooky children and brave adults. It’s a role-playing board game in which you play teenagers who’ve dared each other to spend the night in Dread House.

Who will run home to their mommy?

What thing yet lives in the mansion?

Will the sunrise ever come?

Only you can answer these questions.

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“It was fun before I knocked over the tower…and then it was even MORE fun!” — Samantha, Age 9, designer of Game in a Jar.

"We love Dread House! It is a fantastic supplement to Dread. Our boys are 8 & 12 and they had an incredible time. Dread itself is good, but for kids, Dread House is wonderful. We played it two nights in a row and they are asking for more. Thank you for designing it! It has inspired their creativity like other RPG's have not. Well done!! We have a new Halloween tradition. "  —  Chris Mitchell, 2015

The PDF version of Dread House comes with:

The Rule Book;
Six Character Sheets;
Six Monster Sheets;
Six Monster Cards;
A deck of 22 Spooky Events;
A deck of 22 Useful Items;
And a map of Dread House (in three parts).

All ready to print. Some assembly required. You’ll have to supply your own Jenga set to play.

Dread House Coloring Book - Free Download.