This is the blog of Emily Care Boss of Black & Green Games. Last Chance Noir, inspired by the game, brings together several threads of discussion which are the focus of conversations here: 

  • How games reflect and are influenced by other story forms, like novels, short stories and film
  • How techniques that draw upon the "meta" (out-of-character) aspects of gaming can build hard-hitting and powerful narratives
  • How race, gender and many other real world issues intersect with the stories we tell in rpgs

Visit here for news about my games in development, and upcoming releases. From time to time, there will be interviews of other game designers, or guest posts. We'll go into the way-back machine and post old essays from Fair Game, the blog Meguey Baker of Night Sky Games and I had together in the 2000s.

For essays on the industry, and women & games, see Gaming As Women. For discussions of game design and broader issues of diversity in games, see Imaginary Funerals

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