Misericord(e) PDF


Misericord(e) PDF


A game of stories for an evening's entertainment.  A prosperous medieval town, at the crossroads of travel and trade from many lands, is the site of intrigue, roguery and magic. 13 Guilds ply their trades and vie at the Winter Solstice for whose members can tell the best tales of adventure. Inspired by Night Sky Games' A Thousand and One Nights.

Period is a mythical version of Eur-Asian history, set around the year 1200 CE. Setting is multicultural, gender-role-progressive, queer and trans friendly.

A story-telling and role playing game for 2-6 people. Play one or more stories in 2-4 hours. Casual role play, good introductory game. Host a dinner party and play.

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Uses Tarot cards (no deck necessary). Dice free and rotating GM.  No prep needed: pick-up and play. Create the town and its people over time, from story to story.

System example: To create characters choose a Name (from table on page 15, with example period names from cultures from western Europe to mid-Asia). Then pick an epithet--a short nickname or moniker--that the character is known by. "Zahra the One Armed," "Najat the Indomitable," "Feng Jie the Ready," "Erzebet the Thronegrinder." 



About the Town of Misericord(e)

Names and Epithets

Lineage Trees

Card Layouts 

Tarot Table - alternative to using a deck