Shooting the Moon PDF


Shooting the Moon PDF


Revised version to be released in 2016, support the Romance Trilogy Patreon.

A love-triangle role playing game: two Suitors seek to win the heart of a shared Beloved. Create a dashing and romantic tale crafted for any setting you choose. Second in the Three Quick Games about the Human Heart trilogy, with Breaking the Ice and Under my Skin.

For 2 or 3 players, with expansions for larger groups. 3-4 hours. Good introductory RPG.

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Rules for playing with more than 3 players in Shooting the Moon

  • Each character can be played by up to two players making a Team for that role. 
  • Players take turns creating Attributes, Modifiers, and other aspects of Character Creation.
  • Players may alternate speaking for the character or rolling Dice. Both must agree on what is done.
  • Game can accommodate 4 to 6 players using Team Play. 
    • With 4 players, have a Team play the Beloved.
    • With 5 players, have two Teams for each of the Suitors.
    • With 6 players, have a Team for each of the Characters.