Romance Trilogy

Pre-orders for the Romance Trilogy are now available on Gumroad. Find advance print copies at GenCon, Indie Game Developer Network Booth #2311, from August 4-7, Indianapolis Convention Center. Find the PDF for sale here.

This is the ten+ year anniversary edition of my three love and relationship themed games: Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon and Under my Skin. This revision has been two years in the making, and has involved the expert help of Lizzie Stark, Rebecca Slitt, Jenn Manley Lee, Michael S. Miller and many more.

Breaking the Ice is a tabletop rpg for two players, where two characters go on their first three dates and see if they fall in love. 

Shooting the Moon is a tabletop rpg for 2 or 3 players, where you play out a love triangle in the setting of your choice: everything from urban supernatural, to gritty war drama, to Elizabethan comedy has been played with this game. 

Under my Skin is a freeform larp, in the style of Jeepform and American freeform, for 4 to 8 players. You play a group of friends and acquaintances who start falling in love outside of the bounds of their existing relationships. Under my Skin won the Audience Choice Otto Award at Fastaval, Denmark in 2009. 

The Romance has these three games revised, re-edited and updated for 2016. It also includes over 30 rule variations and new settings for the classic games. And 4 companion games--original games inspired by the original trio including Sun and Moon, a creation myth storytelling game; Ere Camlann, an Arthurian live-action scenario; Love is a Battlefield, using a chess board to chart the course of a love triangle in the midst of a war; and Anything Goes, exploring life in a utopian, sexually liberated community. 

Praise for the games:

"I played a game of Breaking the Ice on my honeymoon! It’s a really fun game and great for both experienced role-players and non-gamers.” — Kat Jones, Designer of REVIVED and SLAYER CAKE

Shooting the Moon is a thrilling, hilarious, unique experience.” — Jess Fink, creator of CHESTER 5000

“Playing Under My Skin was a revelation for me." — Ajit George co-founder of Gaming as Other

"Emily Care Boss designs beautiful games about the most important thing in the world: love. Her games are so strong, so obviously right, so elegant and well crafted, that you forget how important they are in the joy of playing them."
—Kenneth Hite, Designer of NIGHT'S BLACK AGENTS

"When I see Emily's name on a game, I buy it. No questions asked. She has a distinguished spot on my bookshelf that few other names have earned."
—John Wick, Designer of 7th SEA and LEGEND of the FIVE RINGS RPG

Shooting the Moon’s wonderful focus on the unstable triangle of two competing suitors and
one occasionally bewildered but always beguiling beloved is a perfect recipe for excitement
and romance. You can confidently plunge into Jane Austen or dinosaur wrestling, and
Shooting the Moon will deliver every time.”
—Jason Morningstar, Designer of NIGHT WITCHES and FIASCO